Two Rivers Title Company, LLC

Two Rivers Title is a full service title insurance agency that handles both residential and commercial transactions.  We provide title insurance services for New Jersey, New York, Florida, Connecticut, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Louisiana & Pennsylvania. The Principals at Two Rivers Title have conducted thousands of residential and commercial real estate transactions since 1990, which has exposed them to every conceivable issue that arises in these transactions.  Attorneys, lenders and developers can be at ease that they will get prompt issue solving solutions from our expertly trained staff.  In addition to the expertly trained staff, we have armed ourselves with the best resources in the industry by affiliating ourselves with the highest rated underwriter in the title insurance industry, First American Title Insurance Company, as well as investing in cutting edge technology, which allows you to order title on line as well as receive title binders by email.


We provide title insurance discounts when applicable without you having to ask. Take comfort in knowing your clients are not paying a penny more than they should. Our comprehensive title reports are meticulously put together containing detailed property information which is accessible at a glance. Our attention to detail and professionalism is clearly reflected in our product-accurate, well-organized, reports that facilitate and expedite closings for our clients and yours.

Problem Free Closings

Because State Insurance Department's regulate title insurance rates, the only thing that differentiates one title company from another is the kind of service it provides. At Two Rivers Title, we are committed to achieving problem free closings by providing prompt service and title-problem solutions quickly and efficiently.  We can accommodate rush orders within two to three days of receiving a title order and our normal turnaround time is five days of receiving a title order.  To support our staff's efforts, we have invested heavily in cutting edge computer hardware and software programs. And we will continue to expand our technological capabilities to enhance our employees’ performances so they can continue to provide our clients with superior service.

Settlement Company

We also act as a settlement company which provides closing services for lenders and mortgage brokers, and closes day or night at the lenders’ branches, our offices, or the customers’ homes at their convenience.   Your clients also get the benefit of having attorneys oversee the closing, which we find puts them at ease.



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